Cielo offers a selection of still and sparkling wines that enhance the Italian wine diversity.
Elegance and tradition are expressed both in the aromas and in the look of these versatile wines, suitable for any occasion offering a unique experience in the most joyful moments.


Premium and Super Premium signature selection.
Since 1908 our Family has been delivering great quality wines. Today we want to tribute our founders with a new Premium and Super Premium collection, aimed to challenge the most renowned Super Venetian wines and to create our new signature blends

Amarone, Ripasso, Rosso Veneto...

Still Wines

Classics still wines from Veneto.
We have been delivering great Italian wines since 1908. Today we are proud to expand our family, innovating local traditional wines.

Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir...


Charmat-method Sparkling wines.
You can enjoy them everyday on their own or paired with your favourite meal.

Prosecco, Prosecco Rosè...


The most traditional Veronese collection.
From the most vocated areas surrounding Verona, a selection of some of the world’s most famous wines.

Valpolicella, Soave...


The best Apulian wine, Primitivo.
Our ancestor, the Venetian Republic, had a long tradition in importing rich and bold wines from Southern Italy. Primitivo is a rising trend and we are happy to celebrate our strong connection to Puglia with this outstanding wine.



Blends of Italian wine diversity.
We believe our primary responsibility is to protect Italian wine diversity.
Following the Venetian tradition of importing rich southern Italian wines, with ViaMare collection (meaning “by the sea”) we offer blends of renowned varietals.

Trebbiano & Pinot Grigio,  Merlot & Raboso...