We are aware of wine water footprint, thus we want to give back with winetowater.org

Since 2020 our company had obtained the B-Corp certification, entering a global movement that aims to spread a new and more evolved business model, rewarding the sustainable practices of the company.
In 2022 we became officially Benefit Corporation.
In 2022 we joined VIVA, the specification of the Ministry of Ecological Transition for measuring the sustainability performance of the vine-wine supply-chain.

Benefit Corporation


Cielo supports water projects around the world.

We are aware that wine has a high water footprint. One liter of wine can require up to 960 liters of water (source: waterfootprint.org).

Therefore we have decided to donate clean water where it is most needed. In the past we have collaborated with Murialdo World ets for the construction of 35 wells in Africa, then in Kenya with the Amref Wash Program

Wine to Water

We are now partnering with Wine to Water, a non-profit organization working toward sustainable clean water solutions catered specifically to the country’s unique needs.