Passion by Tradition

The history of the Cielo family in the wine business started in 1908, when Giovanni Cielo, our founder, aquired an estate in a small town in the heart of Veneto, between Vicenza and Verona, at the foothills of the small Dolomites, overlooking the Castles of Romeo and Juliet.


Thanks to the presence of a spring water well, Giovanni undertook various activities, from cattle breeding, to the cultivation of silkworms, up to a small production of wine for family consumption and for some friends of the neighboring districts.

storia cielo

Right in front of the estate are located the two renowned Castles of Romeo and Juliet. Here in 1533, the Count da Porto, from his Palladian-style Villa, wrote the first novel dedicated to the troubled love story.

Buon Appetito!


Cielo offers a selection of still and sparkling wines that enhance the Italian wine diversity.

Elegance and tradition are expressed both in the aromas and in the look of these versatile wines, suitable for any occasion offering a unique experience in the most joyful moments.




Verona Masters

Apulian Sun

Italian Blends


Our family since 1999  made an alliance with the vinegrowers of our territory to enhance mostly the production of our local value chain, from vineyard to bottle. Today we are certified B Corp and Viva for our sustainable practices. Furthermore we support to supply healthy water where it is much in need.